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How To Use Apple Face ID While Wearing Face Mask?

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How To Use Apple Face ID While Wearing Face Mask? Empty How To Use Apple Face ID While Wearing Face Mask?

Post by Battery Op Grunt Sun Apr 26, 2020 11:06 pm

Go to iPhone settings — Face ID & Passcode — Set up an Alternative Appearance.
Fold your mask in half and cover the respective side of your face.
Try to enroll in the face data. If your iPhone fails to register, slide the mask gradually until the viewfinder recognizes your face.
Maintain your position and turn your head.
After setting up the Face ID, try unlocking the device with only the face.
Then, try Face ID with your face covered with the mask.
If you don’t have a mask at the moment, you can do it with a piece of paper. However, the unlock success rate will most likely drop due to high reflectivity on a paper.

It goes without saying that the above Face ID technique may make Face ID less secure. While Apple Face ID is considered one of the most secure face recognition tools, a crook impersonating the user with a mask may get in.

Android users can also follow the steps mentioned above to use face unlock while wearing a face mask. But it is important to note that face unlock on most Android phones is already unsafe, to begin with. https://fossbytes.com/coronavirus-update-how-to-use-face-id-while-wearing-face-mask/
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